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last updated on June 11, 2006


California in May (2006)

Preeti’s home (Fresno), Maha’s home (Tracy), San Francisco and Sangeetha’s home (San Jose)


Preeti and Amu’s graduation day (May 13, 2006)


Diwali (Nov 17, 2005)


January 2005 to July 2005

These are pictures from when we went fishing, gem hunting, as well as those that we took at the Arlee 4th of July Pow-wow.


June 21, 2004Our Indian Wedding


Missoula in May (2004)

These pictures were taken from the top of Mount Sentinel.



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"The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.”
- Norman Maclean and friends in A River Runs Through It

The word Montana means “the land of shining mountains” in Latin

Missoula is the Salish Indian word for “at the cold chilling waters”

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